Solutions for Pharmaceuticals Sourcing from China

Our Expertise

Extensive knowledge of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry

Plenty of suppliers with GMP approved facilities under strict quality assurance systems

Professional and efficient team with reliable services

Abundant export practice of registered product to the market of South America, Africa and Asia

Oversea branches and offices in India

Rich experience in foreign government drug procurement tenders

Good supply chain and logistics management

Strong financial support with excellent company reputation

Our Offer

With our professional team and our understanding of overseas markets as well as on the basis of mutual benefit, we strive to help the domestic enterprises in the expansion of the international formulation market by conducting market surveys, factory authentications and product registrations.


APIs & Fine Chemicals

Solutions for APIs and Fine Chemicals Sourcing from China

Our Deliverables

On-time Delivery of Fine Chemicals and APIs from China

Strategies and Solutions on Custom R&D and Manufacture

Regulatory Support for cGMP Projects

On-site Vendor Audits and Reports

Sound Technology Provided by Reliable and Capable Suppliers in China

Efficient Project Management

Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Our Clients

Our clients include some of the leading multinational pharmaceutical companies in U.S., Japan and Europe. We also maintain a good cooperative relationship with a number of biotechnology start-ups and other custom manufacturing synthesis companies as well.

Our Projects

R&D for the new drugs including medical raw material, intermediates and APIs applied during preclinical period, clinical stage I-III and newly marketed stage. Marketing for the generic drugs: provide raw material, intermediates, GMP intermediates and APIs to the leading generic drugs manufacturers.


Export Services

We provide our customers with export services, dealing with a wide range of pharmaceutical related products, including Western dosage forms, APIs, fine chemicals, TCM (Tradition Chinese Medicine), medical equipment, chemical machinery and sets of pharmaceutical machinery.


Nutritional Supplements

Solutions for APIs and Fine Chemicals Sourcing from China

Our Expertise

Set up a complete product supply database by gather information of quality suppliers while expand the cooperations.

Accumulate potential clients by attending world exhibit, online promoting and establishing oversea branches. Help the suppliers to make promotion in the oversea market with our high standard services.

Our Business Scope

Vitamin,aminoacid, plant extracts, sweetener and other nutritional supplements


Regulatory Services

Solutions for APIs and Fine Chemicals Sourcing from China

We are committed to assisting manufacturers both home and abroad to gain reliable and rapid access to the registration certificate in Europe, the US and other countries for their products with our professional, standardized and timely technical consulting services of high quality. Our professional team, characterized as good command of foreign languages and familiarity with domestic and international laws and regulations on pharmaceuticals, has abundant experience in pharmaceutical production, quality management and years of practice in technical consulting services for pharmaceutical products. Over the years, we’ve been cooperating with European/ US experts, which ensures the authoritativeness of our services.

Our services

Regulatory Documentation






FDA/EU-GMP inspection

Vendor audit of GMP compliance


How We Work